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Our team

Our goal is to provide tremendous value and help others achieve their goals.


Cameron de Vos

Trading and product


Jose Luis Peña

Development and product


Charlie Carter

Business and legal

How do we think

What is the gut feeling that we want to give customers?

Wow, this is different. New and Fresh.

Futuristic. Ahead of the curve.

New possibilities. New explorations. To infinity and beyond.

Organised. Well-designed.

Educational. A place to learn.

Profit potential. I can see all the ways I can make money. An edge.

What happens inside their head when they interact with us?

Wonder at what is possible.

Curious at what comes next.

Strength in seeing our strength.

Confidence in yourself.

Educational. A place to learn.

Relaxed with the simplicity.

We want to be consistent, give generously, and have respect.

Who are you, our user?

What are your hopes?

Make money.

Be more informed.

Find an edge over other traders.

Use the best tools.

Make smart decisions.

Find a community I feel proud of supporting and sharing.

What are your fears?

Failing at trading.

Missing out.

Disappointing my family/friends.

What do you dream of becoming?


Stress free.


What change do you seek?

Less reliance on others and opinions.

Winning trades.

A reliable tool.

What is getting in the way of your opportunities?

Technical constraints.


Lack of knowledge.

Trading should not be complicated or hard.

Who are we, the product builders?

What are we passionate about?

Informed trading.

Helping others achieve their goals.

Learning and building.

New technology.

Design (intuitive/simplistic).

What are our attributes?


Small team.



Why are we polarizing?

We think that with simplicity you can make money and win against the high frequency techies and artificial intelligence.

What do we believe in?

Technical analysis is important.

Indicators can help you make trades.



Seattle - Amsterdam